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Since 1990, our ambition has been to deliver innovative products to empower client success by implementing projects with world-class visual experience in the most simplified way. DEXON Systems works in close cooperation with system integrators worldwide to supply demanding AV projects. We are inspired to serve partner companies with complete solution for any multi-display video wall project. DEXON Systems has thousands of working multi-image display walls and control rooms operating 24/7 all over the world.

We are committed to providing an excellent price/performance balance to remain one of the strongest pioneers in this evolving market. Our products are known for reliability, delivering complete and trustworthy solutions with real time visualization. As one of the world leaders in the pro-AV industry, we support our partners with our expertise and knowledge. Our qualified team can provide a simple, secure and exceptional solution. The core of our business is to provide outstanding results. Our customization opportunities maximize client experience with premium quality products and services.

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Hardware Development

We develop customized products to bring the highest quality to our customers, providing the newest technologies and hardware solutions. We use the most advanced components and methods in development, production and testing. Our colleagues use an integrated process supervision system to guarantee excellent product and service quality. We passionately wish to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Software Development

We work with dedicated development teams assigned to ensure flexible and smooth user experience with our systems. We develop and deliver optimized software solutions as they are key components of each complex but successful AV project. The most advanced software development technologies are used to deliver world-class solutions for complex projects.


ISO 9001—effective quality assurance system for manufacturing and service industries. ISO 14001—minimization of operations negatively affecting the environment. CE marking—product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives. FCC marking—certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is under limits.

Sales & Marketing

As one of the leading video wall developer companies in the world we are honored to represent DEXON Systems. We constantly work on bringing high tech solutions to the market. Our aim is to keep you informed and educated about all new possibilities that can improve your user experience and provide hands on support at any times.

Goods Production

We purchase high quality material from the most trusted sources. We run full system tests and verification to each released product to supply you with highly reliable components. This allows us to help you manage your business by relying on our products’ capabilities to bring out the best of all situations.

Tech Support

Our customer service does not end at your purchase. We secure a highly qualified team to be at your service to solve upcoming challenges and complications with global confidentiality. Your questions are always treated with strong commitment by our support team, who are in direct contact with both our hardware and software teams.

DEXON Systems’ products are sold to distributor and system integrator partners all over the world. We have thousands of mission critical control rooms working in 24/7 operation. They support different projects including board rooms, digital signage, traffic control, police supervision, government, education, financial visualization, healthcare and industrial control rooms. The DEXON name became a leading brand in several countries as a result of our successful operation during the last 30 years. Geographically we cover the following regions: Europe, USA and Latin America, Middle-East, South-East Asia, Japan and Korea.

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